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Mixing Tubes: Paser 4
Mixing Tubes: Paser ECL
Rated Pressure: 60k
subcategory: Mixing Tube

Flow Parts

Paser® ECL & Paser® 4 Standard Mixing Tube

Paser® ECL & Paser® 4 Standard Mixing Tube

1000001-XX-XX is a new lower cost option of this mixing tube available for sell. 
The new option of this mixing tube has same quality and same performance, it is also available in same length and diameter, click to learn more.


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Engineering title(s):

  • 014214-30-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.030 ID;3 IN LG
  • 014214-30-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.030 ID;4 IN LG
  • 014214-35-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.035 ID;3 IN LG
  • 014214-40-30: MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.040 ID;3 IN LG
  • 014214-40-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.040 ID;4 IN LG
  • 014214-35-40: MIXING TUBE ASSY;ECL STD;.035 ID;4 IN LG